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Anthony brings a honed style of storytelling that transports viewers beyond geography to convey the feel of a place and it’s people. This is often achieved whilst keeping pace with the athletes he works with. 

The founder of b4apres Media, he independently directed and produced the documentaries AZADI:Freedom and STAND which have both won numerous awards internationally while screening in over 30 countries. STAND was picked up by Netflix for North American distribution and is also the central pillar of an educational outreach program developed by Simon Fraser University that has reached more than 50 schools and over 6000 students to promote conservation and critical thinking. 

In 2013 Anthony joined Switchback Entertainment as a producer and editor on the feature length documentary SNOWMAN. In 2015 Anthony directed Eclipse as part of Salomon Freeski TV which went on to receive over 1 million views online and be the most played film on the Banff Mtn Film Festival World Tour in 2016.

Anthony's current project through Switchback saw the Salomon team travel to Greenland with glaciologist Alun Hubbard to collect ice core samples that reveal evidence of melting at high elevations of the ice sheet that may contribute to faster than projected global sea level rise. During the expedition Anthony captured 360/virtual reality content that has been integrated into the Google Expeditions education platform, taking students on an immersive experience designed to engage students in critical thinking about climate change and the processes of glaciers. 

Anthony is also a published freelance writer and photographer.