Africa Bound

In May 2017 Anthony Bonello and Richard Brown plan to set off from the UK bound for Cape Town down the west coast of Africa. Riding KTM 690s equipped for overlanding, they will have 3 months to reach the southern tip of the continent of Africa before Richard's wife gives birth to their first child. A last hurrah of sorts, for Richard the trip is a test of character to steel himself for the next chapter - fatherhood. For Anthony it is a fresh means of travel and the final continent left to visit.

Join the Adventure:

Anthony and Richard are part of a growing number of people who are looking to join the adventure motorcycle community despite little to no experience on adventure bikes. Where Jupiter's Travels inspired through word, and The Long Way Round was a television sensation, this new generation of aspiring adventurers are looking to the new mediums of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and encouragement. Africa Bound will be a story told across all these mediums and as such will provide a platform for brands to promote their products and values directly to this demographic. Captured with a unique production value brought from Anthony's work as an award winning adventure filmmaker, Africa Bound will be an entertaining blueprint for those looking to convert inspiration into kilometers on the odometer.

Richard Brown: 38, Northern Ireland

Owner- Lighting Enterprises

Richard hails from Northern Ireland and has never undertaken anything remotely adventurous on a motorcycle. After trying to follow in the footsteps of Eddie the Eagle, going so far as to hire a coach in Sweden, he has worked in the family business, growing it remotely while living in the French Alps for a number of years. Richard is part of the new demographic of adventure motorcyclists that are lacking in experience, but bursting with enthusiasm to take to the path less travelled. With a quick Irish wit and a baby to get home to, Richard is committed to making it to Cape Town no matter what the journey throws at him.

Motorcycles: 2003 BMW GS1150 | 2014 KTM 690 R

Anthony Bonello: 33, Australian living in Canada

Director and Producer at Switchback Entertainment

At age 9 Anthony found a 1980 Honda XR80 under the christmas tree and cut his teeth dirt biking in the Australian bush. After discovering the mountains following high school, he set off travelling, climbing and skiing in Europe for 2 years before hopping the pond where the mountains of British Columbia, Canada have been home for the last 10 years. An interest in travel and adventure writing gave way to a career as a filmmaker after moving to Kashmir, India to make his first film. Having travelled extensively from Central Asia to South America, Greenland to Antarctica, Africa is the continent that now calls loudest. 

Motorcycles: 2010 BMW GS800 | 2014 KTM 690R | 2007 Suzuki DRZ 400


Anthony is an award winning adventure filmmaker whose films have played in over 30 countries and been featured on Netflix. Anthony has taken his camera to some of the most challenging conditions on the planet, from high altitude peaks in the Andes to below freezing temperatures in the Arctic in a bid to capture not just the landscape, but a cultural portrait of the places he explores. As a producer and director of Salomon Freeski TV, now in it's 11th season, Anthony has helped grow one of the longest running web series into one of the most effective branded content channels on the internet. "Eclipse", the 32 minute documentary for Salomon Freeski TV has been viewed online over 1 million times, won numerous awards and played in theatres internationally.

Anthony's years of experience, keen eye for a great shot, experience working in extreme environments, planning and running expeditions for weeks at a time will ensure that Africa Bound creates relevant content for todays adventure motorcycling community.

For more of Anthony's film portfolio click here or go to

Follow the trip:

We are looking for support from brands to assist in equipping us for the journey. Throughout the trip Anthony will be posting as regularly as possible to Instagram and Facebook to bring audiences along for the ride. With Anthony's experience contributing to Salomon's digital channels, he understands current content trends and how to generate engagement and awareness for your brand.

Anthony will be able to provide content for your brand's social media channels to share and highlight your association with the trip. Content sharing and social media posts will be as often as is logistically possible in Africa. A strategy will be in place to automatically schedule posts during times where connectivity is not possible. The greatest push and consistency of sharing will come after the trip as there will inevitably be more content than can be shared in real time during the trip. The post trip tail and behind the scenes will be much longer than the trip itself.

Packages depending on level of commitment

- Promotion on our social media feeds

- Advertising on bikes and equipment

- Advertising on our website (website currently under development)

- Still photography (professional print grade), post production completed.

- Short social media videos - 30 - 90 seconds

- Webisodes

Instagram- @anthonybonello 

Twitter- @anthonybonello




Sony A7sii- high quality video up to 4K and 12.2megapixel still photos.

Sony RX100 iv- high quality point and shoot camera for on the fly video and photos.

GoPro Hero 5

DJI Mavic Drone


Film Concept:

Anthony is currently developing a concept for a documentary that focuses on the notion of "the last hurrah". In today's day and age many of us focus on careers, travelling, ticking off the "bucket list" and doing the things that are more difficult, or perhaps irresponsible, once children are part of the equation. Many feel a fear that life as they know it is over once the tribe begins to expand. With a child planned in 2017 for Richard, and Anthony approaching a similar chapter in life, the time is now to set off on this trip and explore not only Africa, but what it means to move towards to fatherhood.

Whilst the film is still in development, it offers partners further potential exposure after the trip is completed.


Anthony is currently exploring various distribution outlets to maximize reach and awareness of the content provided from the trip. This includes reaching out to media partners, expanding social media reach and partnering with brands to cross pollinate exposure between companies.



- Official website to come.

- Africa Bound is currently a working title.