Dakine Concourse Double Wheeled Ski Bag- REVIEW

The Concourse Double wheeled ski bag from Dakine is the mother of all ski bags. This bag will fit all you need for the ski trip of a life time. Your only issue is keeping the weight down to check it at the airport. I dragged mine around the world this winter and put it through its paces and lived to tell the tale. Check out the many pros, and occasional con of the Concourse Double.

Like I say, the Concourse Double is a behemoth of a ski bag. Built to carry 2 sets of skis stacked on edge, I used it to pack only one set of skis and everything else that I would need for 2 months in Japan and India. That included a tent, crampons, 60l pack, skins, ice axes, sleeping bag, rope, a few toques, a couple of pairs of gloves, plenty of layers, some, gifts for the locals and something to look good in the bar.

I don’t know if it is fortunate or not, but all that gear fit in one bag and it made for a heavy bag at check-in in Vancouver before we flew out. While I don’t like to check my boots, preferring to carry them on should my luggage go missing, there was still space in the bag for them once we reached our destination.

The bag is made from tough material and is reinforced underneath for when the terrain gets a little rough. High quality urethane wheels roll smoothly and so long as your skis fit snug, the bag doesn’t sag or droop in the middle. It is fully padded and has handles at both ends that are useful for lifting it onto roof racks or up the stairs. The separate boot, goggle and tool pockets make it easy to keep your gear sorted and keeps your boots from stinking out your clothes. Padlock loops on the zippers let you secure your luggage.

Due to the bombproof construction of the bag, it makes it quite heavy before you start filling it, but dragging it around Tokyo and the streets of Delhi and Kashmir, the bag remained intact with all my gear inside where I wanted it. The straps for securing the skis inside the bag work well when 2 sets of skis are laid one edge, but with one set laid flat, the clips are difficult to keep tight and splint the bag.

As far as size is concerned, Stevie, my ski partner has the same bag in a 185cm and easily managed to fit his 190cm skis inside. This was in essence better since the skis splinted the bag along the entire length and made it easier to drag. The 200cm is for seriously long skis or for people who can afford porters since the end you pick up folds under the weight of the rest of the bag and causes the base to drag along the ground.

If you are carrying 2 pairs of skis or are intent on packing your ski pack and one other bag, then the Concourse Double is the way to go. If not, the Concourse Single might make your life a little easier when dragging the bag around on busses or trains, or down the street. The Double, however, is king when it comes to getting all your gear into one piece of luggage and keeping it there safe and secure.

For more information or other Dakine products, check out their website