Sushi Extravaganza

Yesterday became a day off pretty quickly as neither Stevie nor I woke the other up. The weather was meant to get warm, and did, meaning yesterday was the last good day before the next storm, but we just didn't make it. The Sweetgrass crew essentially had an easy day also despite getting up to 4am to try and catch the sunrise, only to be back in bed by 7am. So, with so much time and many mouths to feed, we all threw in 1000YEN and bought supplies for a family dinner.

The sushi train rolled in from the supermarket and with Yuki's—our resident Japanese culture guru, or should I say sensei—guidance we put together a pretty typical Japanese spread with Miso soup, tempura and more sushi than we had plates. That problem was solved up sanitising Ben's snowboard and getting all Michelin on it, placing and arranging some 140+ pieces of sushi, including, octopus, salomon, yellowtail, beef, tamagi, and the list goes on. We didn't finish until 11pm, and after everyone took photos, probably didn't eat til midnight.

If you are wondering if it tasted as good as it looked, then don't fear. It did. 11 of us, 10 boys and one poor Caroline soul, tried our darndest, but at the end of it, 4 peices of sushi remained and everyone was too full for the coup de grace.









 Living with 10 Americans might not sound like an authentic Japanese experience—becasue it really isn't—but we give it a good shot.