Stevie Turns 30

Last night, and all of yesterday as a matter of fact was Stevie's 30th Birthday. The big dirty 30. It was a pretty mellow day. Stevie went with a film crew to the beach to maybe get some waves but it was too flat so they filmed the ocean and squid boats instead.

We had dinner plans and perhaps a spot of karaoke, but getting 12 people to out the door and then to agree on where and what to eat is like herding a group of ferral cats. Finally we landed in one of the only restaurants still open by the time we made it downtown Kutchan, a Korean BBQ. The first thing on the menu was intenstine, followed by heart and rounded out with uterus. In the middle of each table was a small gas BBQ and you grilled your own meat as you went. The lamb and the heart was tasty, but everyone passed on the uterus. The beef sashimi was apparently "fabulous" Steve reported.

Afterwards everyone was keen for karaoke, but we couldn't find one that was open. The night before Forrest and I had gone into town to scope the seediest, sketchiest karaoke bar in K-town, and found it, but it was shut on a Saturday night.

Therefore we all went looking for a bar to have a few drinks only to be not welcome in one and then the cover at the cool skate bar, Loaf Lounge, deterred most of the cheap skibums so half of us ended up sitting in a bar with a cheaper cover and the rest going to 7/11 to buy beers and take them home to drink.

All in all it wasn't a huge night and Stevie was probably one of the first keen to shut it down and go home to bed.

This morning he woke up and mentioned he didn't feel great. I told him flatly, "What do you expect? You are 30."

He took it well, but was a little crestfallen and seemed resigned to the fact, but determined to make the most of it.

Happy Birthday Stevie.