Chasing That Feeling- Christmas Party Ski Trip

The Assiniboine Lites and Landscapes Christmas trip is an annual affair for blowing off steam after the summer and fall seasons of hard labor. Once it is all over and only winter lays before us, we venture into a backcountry hut for week of ski touring and partying.

This year the Assiniboine crew headed into McMurdo Cabin in the Purcell Range, south of Golden. It started out good but not epic, then the it went blue and -30°C and was too cold to really get out there. But then it settled into a constant state of snowing for four days straight. And that's when we really starting venting and blowing out the stress of a summer landscaping for some, and hanging christmas lites for others.

A veritable smorgasboard of festive faceshots is the perfect gift to one's self I would say.