Grand Sentinel and Wiwaxy Peak

Last week Eric and I were back in the Rockies climbing. The weather was ordinary early in the week restricting us to the Canmore Library and fighting with every other wet dog for bandwidth, but when the weather cleared again, we hit up Grand Sentinel and Wiwaxy Peak. Check out some of the shots.


We hiked up above Morraine lake Wednesday evening after cooking dinner in the parking lot. We bivied in a beautiful alpine meadow with a stellar view of the 3/4 couloir. A slightly cloudy night meant we didnt get soaked with dew and were warm in bed.


An easy hike over the pass to the Sentinel had us at the base of the 5.8 trad which which we climbed for a warm up. 4 pitches of easy, but spectacular climbing had us on the pinnacle summit with a completely wild view.


We rapped down the Cardiac Arrete, only to get the rope stuck and have to prusic all the way back up to free it. (Note- rappel directly below the summit anchor. The bolts wrap around to the left, but the anchors are directly below the summit anchors)


Once we were on our way again, we climbed straight back up the arrete. THis is a seriously sensational route. 2 pitches of 5.10d, one of 10b and 10c. Beautiful climbing in a beautiful location.


Friday we decided to try and make the bus into Lake O'Hara and go to climb Wiwaxy Peak. We had heard only good things about it and it looked fun with a short approach and easy descent.


It was fun, but perhaps not as classic as the hype had made it out to be. We simulclimbed the route in 2 1/2 hours, mostly on shitty, shitty rock. But it was a great doy out and again a sublime venue.