Pole to Pole Run Expedition

I recently returned home from the USA where I joined the Pole to Pole Run expedition. As you might expect, it is a run from the North Pole to the South Pole and being undertaken by an Australian ultra marathon runner named Pat Farmer. He is running two marathons a day (85kms), everyday with no days off. You read correctly, no days off. And all of this to raise money and awareness for the International Red Cross.

Pat started at the North Pole on April 6th and I joined the crew in Montreal at the start of June and finished in Houston Texas, six weeks later.


Some of the highlights were camping in the Pole to Pole Run RV by Central Park New York, running the Mall in Washington DC, a 4th July Atlanta Braves game, southern food and hospitality, and seeing first hand some of the disaster relief work the volunteers of the Red Cross do in New Orleans. It was an intense experience and incredible to witness an individual push both their body and their mind to such extremes. Below is a couple of my favorite Youtube updates from the trip.

Check out the website www.poletopolerun.com and follow Pat's progress on Facebook and Twitter. His goal is to reach the South Pole by February next year sometime.