Greenhouse by Joost

GREENHOUSE BY JOOST from The Design Files on Vimeo.

My father recently turned 60 (high-5 to the old man) and for his birthday my family back in Australia went out for dinner at the concept restaurant "Greenhouse by Joost" on Sydney Harbour. The building is completely recyclable, and all the waste is compostable. It is a really inspiring concept as you will see from the film.

From all reports, the food was really tastie also!

Daytime Karaoke- Why not?

I haven't had much to show recently on my blog from my time back home in Australia. This is both a fair and unfair representation of that time. I have been busy catching up with friends, but also having to resort to such drastic measures as daytime karaoke to beat the boredom waiting for everybody to have their weekends and stop working.

Beth—a good friend who has her week days to herself—and I caught up this week and wanted to do something both fun and a little ridiculous. Daytime karaoke fit both those criteria. We entered in broad daylight and left in broad daylight, completely sober. Good times!

Commitment to Something

Stevie snapped this picture on the bus to the Hirafu ski hill yesterday. It is a Japanese boy doing his algebra homework in the condensation of the bus window. In down town Tokyo, I might not think twice, but on a bus bound for a ski resort, I really don't know what to make of this. Whatever I think about it is really beside the point, but for the record, I think it's great.

The Swayzator

This is a little gem of absurdity a friend, Forrest Coots, sent my way. For those of you wondering what it is, this mythical creature is "The Swayzator". Obvioiusly. The Swayzator is half Patrick Swayze, half minotaur.

Forrest, a skier, and his friend on the US snowboard team have a bet that whoever folds on living the dream riding, and gets a real job with a suit and tie and thinks "Office Space", that person will have to get a Swayzator tattooed on their body.

The Swayzator pictured is tattoed on someones calf for all and sundry to see, and fear. There is so much going on in this peice of art that what stands out the most to my critical eye is the rainbow tieing it all together.

And the cufflinks...