Deep Summer Photo Contest

Instant Radification - Deep Summer 2013 w Bruno Long

Last week Crankworx rolled into town and with came the Deep Summer Photo Challenge. Stacked with some of the best mountain photographers, including my partner in crime from STAND, Nicolas Teichrob, Garrett Grove, Harookz, Scott Markewitz whom I assisted last year, wildcard Duncan Philpott and good friend Bruno Long. Earlier in the year Bruno had asked if I might help edit his slide show. After having so much fun being a part of it last year with Scott, I agreed immediately. Bruno's idea sounded really interesting and I thought we could put a good show together.

His concept was a play on the advent of Instagram and a tribute to the past. Over the three days of shooting Bruno employed some old school techniques, shooting on Polaroid, and a Diane alongside his DSLR. The outcome was some really unique images that saluted the early days of both mountain biking and the documentation of it.

On Monday night Bruno arrived at my house and we set about arranging his photos into a show that would get people stoked.

The event showcased 6 really solid shows and it wasn't at all clear who would take the check. In the end Nic claimed the crown. (You can watch his show here.)

For some behind the scenes insight into Bruno's show, check out the PinkBike post here.


Deep Summer Photo Challenge with Scott Markewitz

During the Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival here in Whistler I was contacted by photographer Scott Markewitz to help edit his Deep Summer Photo Challenge slideshow. Scott is a stalwart in action sports photography with over 400 covers to his name. The format for the competition is that 6 photographers have 72hrs to shoot photos and a day to compile their slideshows before being judged in front of a raucous crowd of mountain bikers. Having always enjoyed the event as a spectator it was fun to be on the otherside of the equation. The capture was all Scott and it was a blast hanging out with legends like Brett Tippie, Richie Schley along with Katie Holden, Cam Zinc and the inseparable Bernie Kerr and Eliiot Jackson. Be it standing in the forest listening to Tippie's jokes, trying to write haikus, or trying to record voice overs of said haikus, I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Putting the slideshow together was arduous at times, more so because of a lack of sleep and an imminent deadline. It wasn't without it's glitches either as we previewed the final export 20mins before the deadline only to have an issue with the music. We resolved it as we drove to deliver the file and made the 6pm deadline.

The next evening the show went down outside at the Olympic Plaza and was joined by 5 other really great slideshows. In the final washup we claimed second behind rising star Rueben Krabbe

I'd like to thank Scott for the call, the athletes for the good times and Michelle Leroux for creating and putting on such a great event. Finally, a massive shoutout to Dave Petch for the rocking tune to bring the images to life.

Enjoy the show!