Kashmir Solution

Kashmir continues to intrigue me. After traveling there this past February, the region, the people, the history, politics and religion have proved to be a complex entity difficult to understand. Speaking to individuals one can fathom each side's cause, emotions and reasons for actions in the past but the difficulty comes in understanding what a solution looks like. I found a well balanced documentary, "Crossing the Lines- The Battle for Kashmir's Freedom" by Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy, an eminent Pakistani Nuclear Physicist and a graduate from MIT. The final part best explains the loggerheads that Kashmir, India and Pakistan are at. In many ways the Kashmir issue seems to be a single piece of rope tied in so many knots that it may prove impossible to untie. The excerpt below articulates what the solutions proposed in the past would mean for the people of Kashmir—Muslims, Hindus, Sihks, buddhists—as well as the implicated power politics for India and Pakistan.

If you are interested to watch the whole film, I have included it inside.

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