From Dough to Woe- The Story of Naan

In India, despite the chaos, there is a rhythm. Jarvan, the naan baker at a popular street side restaurant in New Delhi, has that rhythm. Many comment on how the colors of India are vibrant, but so are the sounds. So are the rhythms.

After arriving in Delhi, I had a day to spare before my flight to Srinagar. For the most part, I ran around haggling at markets for all the small things that were excess weight on an international flight- shampoo, soap, batteries, etc. By early afternoon I was spent and went for some food at my favorite restaurant in Pahar Ganj. Sitting there eating, the sounds and the scenes were just awesome, with Jarvan Clapping away baking naan in the open air kitchen on the street. With nothing to do for the afternoon, I came back with my camera and hung out, trying to capture some of the sounds of the smaller metronomes of this city.


Haglofs Catalog

I just got a copy of the new Haglofs winter catalog with a collage of my photos from Kashmir this February. There are a few shots of Ptor's in the mix also. Many of the shots were taken on our base camp trip into Aru, a remote village in Kashmir. Our crew consisted of Haglofs creative director, Roddy Darcy, Haglofs athlete and globe trotter Ptor Spricenieks, their wives Katelijne and Karin, Steve and myself. Very stoked on the outcome.

Haglofs is a Swedish outdoor company making extremely nice outerwear, sleeping bags, packs and a myriad of other products. Check out their webite at

India Introduction

I am going to freestyle here becasue it is late (again) and I need to get to bed to get a(nother) flight early in the morning. What I did want to post before I disappaear off the grid for a while, was post 2 pictures that are stuck on Stevie's camera. The first is from Tokyo and is of this Shibya girl—picture blonded hair, designer clothes and fancy boots, rounded out with sparkly glasses, all attitude—riding a Harley Davidson. The second would be either an entire family of 4 riding a coughing and spluttering moped/scooter, or a haggard man pedaling a tricycle rickshaw with boxes stacked on the back. You get the picture.
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